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Dance Trance Events
05/09 Relay for Life Madison
Relay for Life Madison
Come out and Join in on DT entertaining the crowd, getting them to join in on the fun and supporting one of the most uplifting, inspiring, and rewarding events of the year!! We will be wearing Dance Trance Purple Shirts, black bottoms and purple gloves - you will have a blast!
05/10 DTHM Open House
DTHM Open House
Join us for a Dance Trance Huntsville-Madison Open House!  We will be showcasing all of the classes we have to offer (including Dance Trance, DT Breakdown, DT Kids, DT Special Needs, Rock Your CORE, and more!)  There will be door prizes, discounted memberships for the summer, and snacks!  What better way to spend part of your day?
05/24 National Dance Day - Prep!
National Dance Day - Prep!
06/14 Performance - Huntsville Hammer's Halftime
Performance - Huntsville Hammer's Halftime
Join us at the Huntsville Hammer's Game (VBC) for a fun-filled halftime dance!  We will be splicing together several of our favorite dances to make one awesome dance mix!!There will be a few practices before the event as well!
10/04 DT Performs at Madison Street Festival
DT Performs at Madison Street Festival
Come out and join us or just come on out and support us! This festival is held the first Saturday of every October! Come out and be a part of it!
10/25 DTHM Dance In the Dark Halloween Party!
DTHM Dance In the Dark Halloween Party!
We are BACK....In our own studio and able to have our favorite party of the yeat. DTHM DITD!!! Costumes and costume contest, Food and Food Contest.  
Today's Schedule
08:30AM Dance Trance w/Jenn
04:15PM Special Needs w/Jenn
06:00PM Dance Trance w/Allison
Recent Facebook Posts by Dance Trance
Thu, 24 Apr 2014 12:00:02 +0100
Kick off your Thursday morning with me on the dance floor! See you at 8:30! - Jenn
Thu, 24 Apr 2014 02:46:05 +0100
Hey DT'rs......this videographer saw us at Yuris Night last Saturday and thought we looked like a FUN group. So he has offered to do a video of DTHM with LOTS of different angles. First. He wants to do "testimonials" of sorts, mini interviews. He wants our members to participate in conversations about DTHM. This will happen May 4th. If you want a time slot please post here. The times are in 10 minutes intervals from 11:30am until 1:30pm. Questions to think about - - Introduce Yourself, Tell about yourself, your life, your age (if you do not mind), explain how you got involved in DTHM and why? And what you like most about DTHM.
Wed, 23 Apr 2014 23:03:41 +0100
What are YOU doing for HUMP NIGHT?? Let's dance our way to the weekend!! Breakdown at 5:45 and DT at 6:30! - Jenn
Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:02:57 +0100
Tuesday Night.......used to be boring until you found DANCE TRANCE!!!! Come dance with us at 6:00pm.

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